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White Starlight Dance Floor

A gloss white dance floor with hundreds of twinkle white LED lights creating an elegant and awe inspiring “wow” when your guest walks into the room.

  • Size: 5m x 5m (20ft x 20ft)
  • Installation:
    • When you hire our dance floors, each floor is delivered, installed, polished, and removed from your event by our friendly and dedicated team time varies depending on the size dance floor required, times are normally between 20 and 60 minutes from the smallest to the largest size dance floors we supply.
  • Other Uses:
  • Can be used to create an isle in your ceremony.
  • Stylish entrance to your venue (Indoor use only)
  • Fashion Shows
  • Exhibition
  • Civil Ceremonies
  • White Starlight Dance Floor Sizes
    • Our Starlight dance floors can be laid in any size formation that comprises from 2ft x 2ft panels, Aisles, Runways. “T” Shape formations can also be created.
  • Sizes
    • 12 ft x 12 ft – suitable up to 80 dancers
    • 14 ft x 14 ft – suitable up to 110 dancers
    • 16 ft x 16 ft – suitable up to 140 dancers
    • 18 ft x 18 ft – suitable up to 170 dancers
    • 20 ft x 20 ft – suitable up to 200 dancers
    • Please Note: The above sizes are based on the dancing area and do not allow for the addition sloped edging that is applied around the lip of the dance floor for safe ease of entry and alighting.
  • Pricing
    • As each wedding / event is personal & subject to so many variables such as location, timing, travel, duration, size, and choice of the dance floor. All weddings / events are quoted on an individual bases.
  • Installation time: Between 20min to 60mins
  • Our dance floor are installed by two of our experienced team.